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Old Missouri Bank Elects New Board Members, Appoints Chairman, Vice-Chairman

SPRINGFIELD, MO – During their Annual Shareholder meeting, Old Missouri Bank (OMB) shareholders elected two new directors to their Board of Directors: David McBeath and Donny Johns.

McBeath is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for OMB and has been with the bank since 2011. He oversees all financial and regulatory accounting for the bank and Jamesmark Bancshares, Inc., holding company of OMB. With nearly 30 years of banking experience, McBeath brings to the Board a breadth of knowledge and industry insight.

Johns is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of AG Financial. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Missouri Society of CPA’s. After receiving his MBA in Finance from Missouri State University, Johns has spent over 20 years in the corporate finance sector.

In addition, current Board members appointed Terry McCullough and Jon Gold to Chairman and ViceChairman of the Board, respectively.

McCullough is the Managing Partner of McCullough & Associates, LLC, and he has been a Board member since 2009. He is a CPA and Financial Advisor with over 40 years of experience in tax, accounting, finance, investment and estate planning.

Gold has been a partner at Reynolds & Gold Law since 2017, and he previously worked at RGG Law. He’s been on the OMB Board of Directors since 1999 and previously served as Chairman of the Board from 2005 – 2009.

Old Missouri Bank Hires Three New Team Members

Springfield, Mo. – Old Missouri Bank (OMB) has added three new team members to their operations center since the start of 2019. Crystle Stranghoener joined the OMB team in February as the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Compliance Specialist, Assistant Vice President (AVP).

Stranghoener has filled multiple banking roles in the past 15 years while working at U.S. Bank from 2004-2017 and Bank of Sullivan from 2017-2019, both in Springfield, Missouri. She has extensive experience in retail operations and management which will provide the foundation needed for her role in BSA compliance as she works to strengthen and enhance our processes for the future.

Ryann Garner joined OMB in March as an Electronic Banking Specialist as a part of our Deposit Operations team. Garner has eight years of banking experience, the last four specializing in online banking functions. She started her banking career with Liberty Bank as a part-time Teller in Mt. Vernon, Missouri and later transferred for a job opportunity in Springfield, Missouri where she worked with online banking processes. In 2015, she transitioned to the job of Treasury Management Specialist following the Simmons Bank and Liberty Bank merger where she worked until joining OMB.

Cody Hansen was hired in April as the Credit Review Manager, Senior Vice President (SVP). Hansen graduated from Missouri State University (MSU) with a Bachelor of Finance and attended the Paul Barret Graduate School of Banking. He brings with him a depth and knowledge of current banking, finance and loan management parameters. Hansen has developed his expertise over the past 12 years while working for the Missouri Division of Finance where he started as an Assistant Bank Examiner and progressed to Senior Bank Examiner III before joining OMB.

Old Missouri Bank to Host Grand Opening, Ribbon Cutting at Mt. Vernon Branch

SPRINGFIELD, MO – Old Missouri Bank (OMB) will host a grand opening and ribbon cutting on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Both events will be held at OMB’s Mt. Vernon location, 510 W. Mt. Vernon Blvd.

The grand opening is a public event and will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Attendees will be able to meet OMB employees, enjoy refreshments and participate in giveaways. During the grand opening, members of the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce will be present at 12:30 p.m. to conduct the ribbon cutting ceremony.

OMB officially opened the doors of its new building on Monday, February 25, 2019. They were previously operating out of a temporary branch at 318 W. Mt. Vernon Blvd. and have permanently moved to the new location.

They broke ground for the new facility on Friday, May 18, 2018, at a publicly held event. The facility was designed by Paragon Architecture and Federal Construction was selected as the general contractor for the project.

This branch is a full-service banking facility with a drive thru and ATM. Operating hours of the branch are Monday thru Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. All customers can call the branch directly at 417-316-9288 for more information.

Old Missouri Bank Promotes Five Team Members

SPRINGFIELD, MO – Old Missouri Bank (OMB) has recently promoted five team members due, in part, to their performance, team management and tenure. Of the five employees, four were promoted to Senior Vice President (SVP) positions.

Sheila Wyant was recently promoted to Senior Vice President of Deposit Operations. Wyant was hired in 2005 to lead the Deposit Operations Department. She had twenty-seven years of banking experience and brought a depth of knowledge that was needed with ever-changing banking regulations and the anticipated growth of OMB. Over the past 13 years, OMB has utilized every bit of that knowledge and experience to anticipate problems and avoid adverse outcomes. Today, Wyant oversees the activities of six team members who assist staff and customers with daily questions and issues. She also spends an increasing amount of her time monitoring the performance of our core system and addressing problems when necessary.

Ryan Uzzell has been promoted to SVP of Information Technology (IT). Uzzell started his career at OMB as a part-time IT Assistant in 2003, reporting to the CFO. Over the past 15 years, he has been the leader in establishing computer service and information technology management as a separate department at the bank and has slowly added support staff as our services and products have grown more intricate. With the growth of the bank, an expanding list of vendors and suppliers for technology services, and electronic information security becoming an increasingly complex task, Uzzell's role has grown significantly. While the IT support staff handles most day-to-day issues, he is more focused on external resource management, system upgrades and the long-term technology development of OMB.

Sheryl Asher was promoted to SVP of Human Resources (HR). Asher joined OMB in 2016 with the goal of adding structure and processes that would streamline employee management functions. The regularly increasing volume of personnel and changing regulatory environment in employment law identified a need to enhance our team with a dedicated HR professional. Over the past few years, OMB growth has exceeded expectations and she has been assisting managers to address all forms of staffing concerns. Asher has been instrumental in helping management consider recruiting and hiring practices, succession planning, staff development, employee job satisfaction and staff retention.

Shanda Trautman was recently promoted to SVP, Director of Marketing. Trautman has been the primary force behind OMB brand recognition since starting in 2015. Over the past three years, she has implemented market strategies and product promotions that have led to our brand being recognized and appreciated for the values and products offered to the residents in and around the communities served by OMB. Trautman is continuously outlining new ideas and creating new opportunities for OMB to draw more market share without compromising our founding principle of excellent customer service. She has been instrumental in our transition to utilizing digital forms of marketing, developing our partnership with Missouri State University, increasing our visibility in the community through our sponsorship of various chamber of commerce events and the more effective use of various forms of social media.

Luke Hansen was promoted to Vice President, Compliance Officer. Hansen joined OMB three years ago and has the responsibility of ensuring all OMB policies, procedures and customer engagement resources are compliant with applicable federal and state regulations. With over twelve years of banking experience, eight of which in the compliance field, Hansen has proven to be an asset and essential part of the team. His diligence and dedication are directly responsible for OMB’s excellent compliance foundation. During the past year, he has led OMB through multiple compliance exams with very positive outcomes and we look forward to his steady guidance for our team.

Heroes Cup Golf Tournament Announces Date for 2019

The fourth annual Heroes Cup Golf Tournament has announced a date for 2019. The event, in coordination with the Missouri Banker’s Association (MBA), will be held on Monday, September 23, at Highland Springs Country Club in Springfield, Missouri.

The golf tournament, spearheaded in 2016 by Jason Whitesell, Vice President at Old Missouri Bank (OMB), serves as a fundraiser for Segs4Vets, a volunteer program that provides Segway mobile transporters and Ally chairs to help severely injured veterans.

Last year, 30 teams from all over Missouri signed up for the tournament and helped raise $13,818. Over three years, the Heroes Cup Golf Tournament has raised over $32,500 for Segs4Vets.

“I am very proud to continue working on this event. The money we have raised and will continue to raise is going to a tremendous organization,” said Whitesell. “We really hope to collaborate with the organization to have more men and women that have received these devices attend our future tournaments, because, once you see that in person, it gives you an entirely different perspective and respect for the opportunities we’re afforded every day.”

Since 2009, the MBA has supported Segs4Vets. This past year, the MBA presented Segs4Vets with $74,250 at the 2018 Executive Management Conference in Kansas City, a combination of Heroes Cup proceeds and additional fundraising.

Old Missouri Announces Partnership with The Rebound Foundation

Springfield, Mo. – Old Missouri Bank announced today a new partnership with Coach Dana and Christina Ford’s Rebound Foundation to bring a new fundraising event to JQH Arena in February 2019.

“The Rebound Challenge” will be a highly publicized event, encouraging the Springfield region, and all Bears fans, to pledge their support for The Rebound Foundation and (newly announced) Marda’s House. The Rebound Challenge will be held during the Missouri State Bears men’s basketball game versus Illinois State on Sunday, February 10, 2019, at 3 p.m.

“We are extremely thankful for the opportunity to partner with Old Missouri Bank on The Rebound Challenge. Housing continues to be an unmet need in the domestic violence community, and we know partnerships like this will help us give the gift of a safe place, a home,” said Christina Ford, CEO of The Rebound Foundation. “Our hope is that The Rebound Challenge sparks continued change within the community so that more and more lives are lived violence free. Thank you to Old Missouri Bank for believing in this change.” 

How does The Rebound Challenge work? Supporters are encouraged to pledge one dollar (or more) for every rebound the Bears have during their game against Illinois State on February 10. Every donation will go directly to The Rebound Foundation and will help with the annual housing expenses for Marda’s House. You can make your pledge online at

Missouri State Bears Head Basketball Coach Dana Ford and wife, Christina, recently announced Marda’s House, the new transitional facility for women who have survived domestic violence. Marda’s House will provide women with clean, stable housing for up to six months while they work towards independence.

“We are thrilled to partner with The Rebound Foundation on this community-wide initiative. The Rebound Challenge will not only serve as a fundraising tool, but will bring greater awareness to the issues we face as a community with domestic violence and the mission of The Rebound Foundation,” said Mark Harrington, President and CEO of Old Missouri Bank. “We hope that our community will help rally around this event and the Fords as they work hard to stop the cycle of domestic violence in the Springfield area.”

Old Missouri Bank Breaks Ground on New Facility in Mt. Vernon, Missouri

Mt. Vernon, MO – Old Missouri Bank held a groundbreaking event on Friday, May 18, 2018, for its new branch location in Mt. Vernon, Missouri. The event took place at 10:30 a.m. at 510 West Mount Vernon Blvd. (former home of Eli’s Short Stop), and the public was invited to attend. Currently, Old Missouri Bank has been operating a temporary branch at 318 W. Mt. Vernon Blvd., in Mt. Vernon, Missouri. 

“We’re very excited to begin construction on our permanent location in Mt. Vernon,” said Mark A. Harrington, President and CEO of Old Missouri Bank. “Our short time in the area has offered our new and existing customers another convenient location and the excellent customer service they have come to expect from Old Missouri Bank. This new construction reinforces our commitment to the Mt. Vernon community.”

The facility was designed by Paragon Architecture and Federal Construction has been selected as general contractor for the project; completion is expected by the end of the year. The new branch will house six employees with room for added employee growth.

“We’ve experienced tremendous support from the community since opening our temporary branch,” said Joey Orr, Senior Vice President at Old Missouri Bank. “Mt. Vernon is home for my family and I am looking forward to serving friends and neighbors as we continue to grow our community.”

Old Missouri Bank opens temporary branch location in Mt. Vernon, Missouri

Springfield, Mo. – Old Missouri Bank announced the opening of its temporary branch location, 318 W. Mt. Vernon Blvd., in Mt. Vernon, Missouri. This new full-service branch will bring Old Missouri Bank’s number of locations to six; with additional offices in Springfield, Ash Grove, Walnut Grove and Buffalo.

The temporary branch location will be staffed by Joey Orr, senior vice president and loan officer; Cheryl Lathem, retail manager; and Carla Peterson, loan assistant. Operating hours of the branch are Monday thru Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. All customers can call the branch directly at 417-316-9288 for more information. 

In addition to the new temporary branch location, Old Missouri Bank closed on the purchase of a permanent branch located at 510 W. Mt. Vernon Blvd., Mt. Vernon, Missouri (formerly the home of Eli’s Short Stop). This additional investment into the Mt. Vernon community is slated for a late 2018 completion.

5 lessons from extremely productive people to start your year off right

So you find yourself in the last place you thought you'd be — in a career rut, where inspiration is a struggle and you're locked in a paralysis, unsure how to make it better. Take heart; we've all been there at one time or another. To break the logjam, we looked to five big influencers who will help you feel more inspired and boost your productivity.

Warren Buffett: Limit your focus

The Sage of Omaha helped his pilot (allegedly) chart a more ambitious life plan with the 25-5 rule. You start by listing your top 25 goals and dreams. Then, choose the top 5 and rank them. As for the other 20? They don’t matter, Buffett says. In fact, they should be avoided.

Mark Zuckerberg: Start the year off strong

To give your biggest projects a fast start, begin with things that come easily or are even fun, says the founder of Facebook. That early sense of progress just may give you the momentum to get through the toughest steps.

Barack Obama: Save your energy for decisions that matter

So many decisions lie at the feet of the Commander in Chief. Since the human brain can handle only so many decisions a day before it gets weary, he eliminated less important ones so he’d have plenty in his reserves. For example, he put limits on his diet and wore only gray or blue suits.

Winston Churchill: Start working when you’re fresh

If you're a fan of "The Crown," you may have noticed many scenes featuring the legendary prime minister working in bed. This actually reflects his real-life habit: He woke up and dove right into his tasks for three or four hours — in bed! However, sleep experts will tell you it’s important to use your bed only for sleeping, so if this plan appeals to you, modify it. Get up and leap into the important stuff while in your pajamas, before you jump into the morning routine.

Oprah Winfrey: Don’t give up 

Back in 2013, she had these sage words for Harvard’s graduating class: “There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.”

No matter what happens, it’s always important to remember every success story has tales of stumbles and falls and lulls. Your career is a marathon, not a sprint. Take a step in the right direction, keep moving, and one day, this too shall pass.

Old Missouri Bank Loan Production Office open for business on Monday, November 6, 2017

Springfield, Mo. – Old Missouri Bank will open its anticipated Loan Production Office (LPO) in Mt. Vernon, Missouri, at 9 a.m. on Monday, November 6, 2017. This new loan production office will be located at 318 W. Mt. Vernon Blvd., Mt. Vernon, MO 65712.

In late June, OMB announced the new location, along with the addition of Joey Orr, Senior Vice President, to the team. Along with Orr, the LPO in Mt. Vernon will be staffed by Carla Peterson, Loan Assistant.

The opening of the LPO is the first step into the marketplace for OMB. Additional plans to build a full-service branch within the Mt. Vernon community are slated for completion in 2018 and will be pending regulatory approval.

“We are excited to officially be a part of the Mt. Vernon community,” said Mark Harrington, President and CEO of Old Missouri Bank. “Our team has been working hard to open our LPO and we are looking forward to serving the needs of our existing and new customers within our new location.”

Old Missouri Bank to open Loan Production Office in Mt. Vernon, Missouri

Springfield, Mo. – Old Missouri Bank announced today plans to open a loan production office in Mt. Vernon, Missouri. The official date of opening for the office will be announced at a later time. This new facility will bring Old Missouri Bank’s number of locations to six; with current offices in Springfield, Ash Grove, Walnut Grove and Buffalo.

In addition to the loan production office, Old Missouri Bank plans to build a full-service branch within the Mt. Vernon community. This additional investment is slated for a late 2017 completion and will be pending regulatory approval.

“For a number of years, the Mt. Vernon area has provided us with a strong and growing customer base,” said Mark Harrington, President and CEO of Old Missouri Bank. “Expanding to Mt. Vernon offers our new and existing customers another convenient location and the excellent customer service they have come to expect from Old Missouri Bank. This investment within Mt. Vernon is part of our commitment to the ongoing successes of the families and businesses within the community.”