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Why did OMB decide to do this conversion? 

OMB has partnered with industry-leader Jack Henry & Associates to provide a fantastic new all-around banking experience. The conversion is necessary to take all OMB customers from our current core operating system to the new Jack Henry operating system and connect you to the additional products and services included with our new partner. 

Will the benefits on my checking or savings account change? 

We are excited to say that in most cases the benefits you currently enjoy with your checking or savings account will stay the same. For instance, if your account is a high interest checking account it will remain a high interest checking account. The Kasasa® branding on our accounts is going away, but the features of each product will, in most instances, remain the same. You can map your current account name to its new account name in the product change table. 

Will my account number change? 

No, your account number will not change. All customer account numbers will remain the same after the conversion is complete. 

Will the bank’s routing number change? 

No, the OMB routing number will still be the same. 

Will I need new checks and deposit slips? 

No, you will not need to order new checks or deposit slips. Since all OMB customer account numbers will remain the same, your current checks and deposit slips will continue to work. 

What will happen with my direct deposits? 

Direct deposits to your checking or savings accounts will not be affected by the conversion and should continue to appear as they normally would. 

Will I receive a new debit card? 

No, you will not be receiving a new debit card as part of this conversion and your current debit card number will remain the same. 

Will the PIN on my debit card change? 

No, your PIN will not change. 

Will the statement date for my account change? 

Your statement cycle may change depending on the product you are currently in and the product your account will become. Some consumer checking account products will have a statement cycle that cuts on the 18th of each month following the conversion. Money market accounts (consumer and business) as well as all business checking accounts will continue to cut on the last day of each month. Savings account cycles will be quarterly. 

When will I receive new paper statements for my checking and savings accounts and will their format change? 

As part of the conversion, the formatting of your statement will change. More information on how to read this new statement will be provided closer to the conversion date. A final statement from OMB’s current core provider will cut on June 16 and accrued interest will be posted to your account. If your current statement cycle typically ends on the 16th then applicable service charges may also appear. If your statement cycle does not cut on the 16th then service charges will be waived on the final current core provider statement and reflected on the first statement from the new core provider. 

Will my Kasasa® Tunes benefits go away? 

The iTunes, Amazon and Google Play perks associated with our Free Kasasa® Tunes Checking account will not be available with our new account lineup. These accounts will migrate to our new OMB Rewards Checking account and enjoy new cash-back benefits. 

Will my Kasasa® Protect ID protection benefit go away? 

This add-on feature from Kasasa® will unfortunately end on June 30. 

Will the Premier Club (55+) still be available? 

No, unfortunately this program will not be available as an added service to OMB’s new account lineup. The product change table can help determine which new account you will have following the conversion. An OMB banker will be happy to discuss the changes with you and help determine if this is the best new account for you. 

Will the auto-draft for my annual safe deposit box rent be affected? 

Your safe deposit box rent will not be affected if the auto-draft for the payment originates from your OMB checking or savings account and you will continue to receive the $5 auto-draft discount. 

Will the fees associated with my account change? 

Fees on your account may change after the conversion. These changes are detailed in the new product pages and the included fee schedule. You can map your current account name to its new account name in the product change table mailed to you in May.

Will the process for paying my loan change? 

There will be no changes to processing loan payments, so you may continue to pay them exactly as you have before. If you have automatic loan payments established those will also transfer. 

Will there be a new mobile banking app? 

Yes, there is a new mobile banking app. The new app will be available to download and use by June 20 in the App Store and Google Play and can be found by searching “OMB.” It can also be found by following the message prompts that will display in the current OMB mobile banking app, which will link to the new app download. Once you have downloaded the new app and successfully logged in you may remove the old app from your device. 

When will the current online banking system and mobile banking app no longer be accessible? 

Your access to the current online banking system and mobile banking app will end at 8 a.m. on June 20. You will need to begin using the new online banking system and/or mobile banking app once they are available. 

Will I be able to access my accounts through online or mobile banking during the conversion process? 

Yes, you will be able to view your accounts through online and mobile banking during the conversion. However, beginning at 3 p.m. on June 16 your online banking account will be set to a read-only state. While this read-only mode is active you will be able to view your account information, such as account balances, but not use features like transferring funds, bill pay, or remote check deposit. Once you have successfully logged into the new online banking system or mobile banking app, you will be able to enjoy the conveniences of the new online banking environment immediately. 

Will I need to re-enroll in online banking? 

You will not need to re-enroll in online banking following the conversion. Your account information will transfer to the new online banking system. 

Will I have a new online banking username and password? 

Your online banking username will remain the same. You will have a new temporary password which you will use to log in for the first time following the conversion. Information about this password will be provided to you. Upon your initial login you will be prompted to create a new password. 

What will happen to my online banking bill pay information? 

Your current bill pay information will transfer to the new online banking system; however, access to the current bill pay system will end at 8 a.m. on June 10. Payments scheduled to be made before 12 p.m. (noon) on June 16 will be processed as usual. Ebills that exist in your current online banking account may need to be re-added following the conversion. 

What will happen to my automatic payments and transfers? 

Your automatic payments and any automatic transfers will move to the new online banking system. 

Will I need to re-enroll in eStatements? 

You will not need to re-enroll in eStatements following the conversion, however the system may prompt you to accept the terms and conditions upon your initial log in. Please note that all eStatement customers will receive a paper statement following the June 16 statement cut. This will be a one-time occurrence - eStatement delivery will resume with the next statement cycle. 

Will any information from my accounts inside online banking not transfer? 

Eventually all of the information currently available inside your online banking, including items like check images, transaction histories, and past eStatements, will transfer from the current online banking provider to the new online banking provider. This process may take 8-12 weeks to complete, but we will work as quickly as possible to complete it. 

How far back will the transaction history go in the new online banking system and mobile banking app? 

In the new online banking system you will be able to view 120 days’ worth of transaction history. Following your initial login, the new online banking system will begin to pull all of the available transaction history 

I use Zelle for person-to-person payments, what will happen to it? 

OMB will continue to offer Zelle for person-to-person payments after the conversion. You will need to re-enroll in Zelle after logging in to the new online banking system or mobile banking app. 

Will Notifi push alerts that I’ve enabled change? 

Notifi, a product of our current service provider, will not be available in the new online and mobile banking experience; however, push alerts will be available and work in much the same way. You will need to re-establish these push alerts following your initial login. 

Will text and email alerts that I’ve enabled change? 

Text and email alerts that you’ve enabled through online banking will unfortunately no longer be delivered by the current service provider after June 16. However, you’ll be able to create new alerts after signing into online banking after the conversion. 

Will I still be able to use CardValet? 

Yes, you will still be able to use the CardValet app to manage your debit card following the conversion. 

What does OMB need from me? 

We will be mailing and emailing you important information regarding online banking during conversion weekend. Please contact your favorite OMB branch at your convenience to make sure we have your preferred email address on file. 

What do I do if I need help after the conversion? 

Once you have logged into your new online banking account, you will be able to reach us using the new secure live chat feature found there to ask any questions you may have. You may also call us at (417) 869-9000 from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please be patient as call volumes may be higher than normal.