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With a payroll card, you can have your pay without the paycheck. It's a win-win. Employers save money by reducing the costs of paper paychecks while maximizing direct deposit participation. Employees don't have to worry about check cashing fees, and get a widely-accepted Visa® card at their disposal. And because the payroll card is reusable, wages are conveniently reloaded each pay period. Payroll cards are ideal for contracted, part-time, and unbanked employees.

  • Ideal for unbanked employees or those who don't want their wages going to a bank
  • Saves you and your business money:
    • Reduce costs associated with paper check distribution
    • Lost/stolen card replacement takes less time and effort than check replacement
  • Benefits for your employees:
    • Money is deposited directly to the card on the day of pay
    • No need to pay check cashing fees
    • Acts like any other debit card or credit card
    • Quick access to funds, 24/7
    • Cardholders can make everyday purchases in store or on the web
    • Safety and security of not carrying cash
    • Track balances online or by phone